Happy Thanksgiving from the McClintock Distillery

As the renovations on our historic building continue, we have some exciting updates from the distillery and a chance to win a free tour and tasting.

Our equipment has arrived! After 14 months of waiting, our hand-made 264 gallon copper still has arrived, as well as our fermenters, mash tun, and some other distillery essentials. We are particularly thrilled about the gin basket, which will allow us to infuse our gin while the alcohol is in vapor form for a clean taste with a crisp finish.


Ryder the Distillery Dog poses with our still and whiskey helmet. 

The holidays are quickly approaching and we have the perfect gift for anyone on your list: a free ticket to attend one of the first tours and tastings at the distillery! We have a brand new forklift that’s going to be one of the hardest workers here at 35 South Carroll Street so we think it deserves a name. The contest is simple:

  1. Get creative and think of a name for our friendly forklift

  2. Post the name on our Facebook page here:

  3. We will announce the winners on December 4th and if your name wins, you will receive two tickets for a tour, tasting and a free McClintock t-shirt!

In other exciting news, we spent time this month working with the head distillers at Koval Distillery in Chicago. We also dialed in our whiskey mash and gin botanical mix and will be ready to run very soon. You can see photos of our distillers hard at work on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As a family owned distillery, we would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. We are thankful for the support of our followers and those in the community to have this chance to bring hand-made spirits back to Maryland. 


-Tyler and Braeden


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