How To Drink Green This Year

With the growth of the farm-to-table-food movement it is more important than ever that you consider where your food (and more importantly your drinks) are coming from. We are leading the way in sustainability in distillation and connecting you to organic, family-owned farms. Sustainability and environmental responsibility have been a core mission of McClintock Distilling. We like to take a look at our environmental impact every April for Earth Month and let you know how we are doing!


              Since we Opened...            

ORganic Grains

  • 66.9 pounds of total pesticides removed from the ecosystem
  • 8,736.4 pounds of fertilizer reduced in the production of our grains

Water Reduction

  • 208,000 gallons of water reduced by using our closed-loop cooling system (Enough to fill 15 swimming pools)


Clean Electricity 

  • 47,160 kWh sourced from wind and solar energy (Equivalent of taking 6.8 Cars off the road)
  • 70,740 lbs of carbon pollution avoided
  • 858 Trees Planted 

As Maryland's first and only USDA certified organic distillery, our first and foremost goal is to provide the highest quality spirits from 100% non-gmo, pesticide free, heirloom grains. By buying organic certified grains we are helping to support responsible agriculture and promoting the growth of organic farming in Maryland. We have worked closely with the Maryland Department of Agriculture and the Frederick County Department of Agriculture Business Development and by this time next year our goal is to have 50% of our grains grown right here in Frederick County.

One of the largest impacts of the alcohol industry is the wastewater production. As native Marylanders, we know the impact that wastewater has on our local waterways and the bay and made it a priority to reduce our wastewater in any way we can. We have designed and built our own closed loop cooling system to re-use all of our cooling water instead of dumping it. All of our mash water goes out with our spent grains and is used as pig and cow feed as well. By keeping the water out of the sewer we are reducing the cost to process the wastewater by the county and reducing our impact on the bay and the Monocacy watershed.

Finally we are proud to be one of a handful of distilleries in the world who source 100% renewable energy from our partners at CleanChoice Energy. All of the electricity we use is replenished on the grid with solar and wind energy and helps promote and fund new renewable energy development in the area. 

We will continue to improve and innovate new sustainable practices as we grow and know that McClintock Distilling's commitment to the environment is truly important to what we do down here; in addition to making premium, award-winning spirits! 

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