McClintock Unveils the Innovation Series

We are proud to announce the first release of our newest project: The Innovations series. In the spirit of our namesake, McClintock Young, we are always experimenting and trying new products here at the distillery. Our newest line of products celebrates the beauty in deviating from the norm and ties tradition and modernity in one of a kind expressions. We hope you join us on August 17th for the first Innovation Series dram: The Frederick Series Genver-Style Gin.


What is the Innovation Series? This new line of spirits are extremely small batch, single release products that are experimental, collaborative and unique. Each Innovation series is a single production spirit that will be available once and then will never again be released. The spirits range from brandies and whiskeys to ancient and rarely re-produced specialty spirits.

How often can I get Innovation Series Products? The innovation series will be released between 2-4 times a year and will only be available for an extremely limited time. Each batch is unique and special and perfect for a spirits collector.

What is the first Innovation Series? Our first product is the Frederick Series Gin, a traditional dutch-style genever that is made in collaboration with the Baltimore Spirits Company. We took their Epoch rye whiskey mash and distilled it at a low proof through a unique blend of botanicals to create a malty botanical gin that is almost a cross between whiskey and gin. The complimentary Baltimore Singularity Gin was produced with our Bootjack Rye Whiskey mash at the BSC distillery. This genever-style gin highlights the best of Maryland Rye Whiskey and the beautiful Appalachian inspired botanicals found in Western Maryland. Great as a sipping spirit or to be mixed in a classic gin cocktail.

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