McClintock Distilling Co. is

The Spirit of innovation

It is our mission to embody the innovative and creative spirit of McClintock Young and never settle for the industry standard for high quality spirits. Keep an eye out for our small batch, limited release products in the future, using some unconventional (and delicious) ingredients.



Grain To GLass Distillery

McClintock Distilling uses all organic grains to produce our spirits which are milled in-house using our antique stone burr mill. By buying organic, we can ensure the highest quality of grains, free of pesticides and chemical additives and  do our part to help support small, family-owned farms. Every step of the process is overseen by our distillers to ensure the highest quality spirits for you.


Washington County Farm

Sustainably Produced

We have taken measures to ensure that all of our production methods are sustainable and environmentally friendly. All spent grains are used as livestock feed in local Maryland farms and our heads are re-used in our distillery for cleaning. Our closed loop cooling system and advanced tank cleaning also dramatically reduce wastewater from production. Come visit us to see what other steps we are taking to create responsibly created spirits.

Invested in the community

McClintock Distilling is thankful for the help and support of the local community and is committed to bringing good business to Maryland and Frederick. We strive to give back to the community as much as possible and have worked with the Frederick County Small Business Development Council to bolster the thriving downtown Frederick.