The Original Sin Martini

This week's signature cocktail comes again from our Friend Fabian at Proper Bartender. If you haven't seen our upcoming event The Proper Cocktail Holiday Ball, you should check that out ASAP. Early bird tickets are only available until the end of next week and you can support two great causes, the American Cancer Society and Toys for Tots

The cocktail this week features a beautiful new take on a classic staple: the vodka martini. Fabian has blended all the elements of wonderful fall flavors and of course the dangerously smooth taste of our Epiphany Vodka. 



  • 2oz Epiphany Vodka
  • .75oz Orange Liqueur
  • 1.5oz Cranberry-Apple Juice
  • 1 Lime Wedge
  • Long Apple and Lemon Twist Garnish

To Prepare

  • Combine Vodka, Liqeuer, Juice and squeezed lime wedge into a shaker
  • Shake over ice vigorously
  • Strain into Martini Glass
  • Garnish with Apple and Lemon
  • Enjoy! (Be sure to eat the original sin apple after)

We hope you enjoy this fall cocktail and if you would like to taste new and innovative cocktails from Fabian and some of the other top bartenders in the DMV be sure to snag some early bird tickets to the Proper Cocktail Ball. You can also enter the Proper raffle from the website and win prizes including a home bartending experience with Proper and an exclusive multi bottle gift set from McClintock Distillery.

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