The Bay Mary

This week's signature cocktail is a celebration of all things Maryland! Designed by our pal Charlie Berkinshaw at Element Shrub using local ingredients from The Sweet Farm right here in Frederick!

Here is a light, refreshing, healthy, Maryland take on the Bloody Mary



•1.5 oz McClintock Distilling Epiphany vodka
•4oz fresh tomato juice
•1oz Sweet Farm Sauerkraut Chesapeake (Old Bay) kraut juice
•Top with 2-3oz Honeydew Jalapeño Shrub & Club ElementShrub
•Pinch of salt
•Freshly ground pepper
•Old Bay rim


Take a few tomatoes, pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper, and blend it up in a blender with an ounce of water if necessary.
Use the kraut juice from the bottom of Sweet Farm's Old Bay flavored sauerkraut to add a little tang and some probiotics.
Build the drink in a Collins glass over ice. Add all the ingredients, top with Shrub and Club and give the drink a quick stir.

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