McClintock Young, Frederick resident and prolific inventor, was determined to never settle for the status quo. With over 100 patented inventions, he had a vision of Frederick as a hub for innovation and manufacturing. You can see some of his patents and amazing inventions inherited by our head distiller in our facility.  

In 1848, while still in grade school, McClintock Young developed a fire engine that would shoot a stream of water over forty feet. Before McClintock retired sixty-two years later, he held in excess of one hundred patents and one of the areas largest manufacturing plants.

Young owned one of the first foundries in Frederick city and while in operation, patented over 30 inventions ranging in application from sawmills to sewing machines. During this time he sold inventions to the McCormick Harvester Company and the Diamond Match Company. In 1887 he started the Ox Fibre Brush company on South Street, using his inventions to shred palmetto leaves to create bristle brushes. Eventually he was so successful that his company was using more lumber than most of the major furniture manufacturers in the early twentieth century. With the myriad of mechanical inventions Young created, one worker could create over 70,000 brushes in a single day without sacrificing quality. 

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